• We Need To Talk About Owen
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    I used to really like the journalist Owen Jones, used to look forward to see him on TV, laying yet another devastating socialist smackdown on various hapless/repellent right-wingers or bigots. When a man gets so much right about our society, when he appears to have zero tolerance for prejudice, inequality and ignorance, and when his […]

  • The Blame Game
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    Recently, I had the misfortune of encountering some Nice Guys on Twitter. I knew they were Nice Guys, because they kept insisting they were. Much in the way that some people make sure you know they’re not racists because they Know A Black Person. These Nice Guys were being forced to not be so nice, […]

  • Uncle Dickie’s Handy Hierarchy of Rape
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    Oh dear, Richard Dawkins. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I agree with you totally about religion. I like your science stuff. High-five for coming up with ‘meme’. I foolishly presumed that as a man who calls himself a Rationalist with a capital R, you would hopefully be above normal bigotry or falling for cultural […]

  • Misogyny: the housework edition
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    There are so many things that sadden and piss  feminist on a daily basis… so many things… so many, many things… but one of the things that I find most infuriating and depressing is actually one of the most common gender stereotypes in our society. And it’s a stereotype concerning men. You know the one […]

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