• Looking at the connection between commodification and abuse
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    AMW member S pointed out something very important in a comment at the bottom of my last article, What If Everything Negative You’ve Been Told About Motherhood Is Wrong?, which has inspired me to expand on the issue she raised. She wrote: “Interesting. Could (unconscious?) devaluation go a long way to explain why many affairs […]

  • What if everything negative you’ve been told about mothering was wrong?
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    I want to look at the common complaint of ‘feeling invisible’ that many, if not most, mothers will describe at some time or another, and offer a new way of looking at why this might be, and at reframing that feeling. In our society, our androcentric, misogynist, and capitalist society, I believe that women are […]

  • Stitched up like a (U)kipper
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    So the European election results are in, and they’re very worrying. UKIP have gained in popularity. This is bad news for everyone (even UKIP voters themselves, although they might not realise it), but especially for women and mothers. This is a party that have voted in Europe against equal pay for women, want to abolish […]

  • When the fetishisation of work turns deadly
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    This heartbreaking article illustrates how androcentric capitalist notions about what matters and what gives people worth, are damaging everyone, men and women. If someone wants to work and can’t get work, then that is terrible, but for someone to kill themself because they feel there is no point in them being alive if they can’t have […]

  • Reframing Required
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    I too often waste precious free time having a quick gander at Mumsnet and similar, and one of the more common things people say about being a SAHM has really begun to grate on me. Frequently, posters will say something along the lines of, “I don’t think it’s a good idea to be a SAHM, […]

  • How To Be A Kick-Ass Feminist (Maternal or otherwise)! A guide by E.P.
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    So you’re a feminist – huzzah! Now you need to get ‘feministing’; you need to make your beliefs a verb, to be active in your feminism, to live it. There’s many ways to be a feminist, but here’s what I think it takes, particularly to be a maternal feminist. Don’t diminish yourself with language, either […]

  • Welcome
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    Hello, let me introduce you to All Mothers Work. The look of the site will be changing over the next few weeks, as I get to grips with this new website malarkey, so bear with me. Maternal Feminism, eh? What’s all that about, you may well be asking. The About and Manifesto pages will give […]

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